Understanding God: 1. He does not condemn you

There was a time I did not believe in God, He has always believed in me. He did not give up on me. He doesn’t care what you or I believe right now. We are works in progress. Our current belief or disbelief is a result of our interpretation of our own experiences and our justification of them. If we know something about God from our early training and our actions align favorably with that knowledge we probably choose to believe in God, if they don’t align we don’t. It is our choice in either case, it has no effect on God’s existence it effects our belief.

At any given time we are okay with that. Here in the material world we form relationships with others that believe as we do. We join a church or we don’t. If we do we join one that reflects most of our beliefs and we follow the rules we agree with. If we don’t believe in God we have no need for a church, unless of course we are hedging our bets or we need one for appearances. So it goes. Life goes on, we face many choices, we make plans, we change plans. We have our successes and our learning experiences. We are faced with hundreds of decisions or choices everyday, Donut Shop or Green Mountain. French Vanilla or Hazelnut; MacDonald’s or Panera; evolution or creation, Nike or Sketcher’s; republican or democrat. The world demands we chose.

As long as things seem to be working for us, regardless of how we may appear to others we maintain our beliefs our identity. Then life happens, some event that rocks our confidence in ourselves, our way of life and our beliefs. A divorce, a death, a DUI. Suddenly our world is upside down. Even those that do not believe in God are led to pray, “God help me, I don’t want to live this way anymore’. It is our experience that God always answers this prayer, He hears all our prayers. As the crisis passes, not usually in the way we would have chosen, and not without pain, we begin to suspect that God’s hand is in this. What to do next? Go back to church if that is an acceptable option do so. In many cases we have found the problem is the church stood in the way of our relationship with God. Allegiance to a religion or denomination and its associated rules that we don’t believe in. Have a problem with God? Maybe it’s not God you have a problem with it could be other people. Why not try the Bible?

Among other things the Bible is the historical account of God’s actions on earth, over sixteen centuries by over 40 human authors. Each of the authors in the Bible is describing their knowledge of God as it was revealed at that time. All of the individuals named in the Bible existed historically, even those not named like, “The Rich Man” and “the Beggar”. Is the Bible the truth? It tells us that Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, their son Cain killed Able, David faced and defeated Goliath, became the King of Israel, sent Uriah into battle to be killed so he could marry his wife Bathsheba who became the mother of King Solomon who had a thousand wives, a descendant of David, Mary of Nazareth a virgin the mother of Jesus the Son of God. This is according to the New Testament and the Quran.

We offer these Bible passages as a way to increase our understanding of God by reading and thinking about what they say, just like we read and think about the morning news, weather, sports or stock prices. Read the words and think about what they say for a few minutes. We are meditating.

We publish this site because, like you, we seek to improve our conscious contact with God. We encourage you to use the daily verse as a topic for further study.

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